Sunday, March 1, 2009

Garden Window Design

I have a garden window in my home, as I know many of you do as well. Here are some ideas for a garden window that will give you a needed change throughout the seasons.

Since today was a rainy day, I went shopping in my home, as we should all do from time to time and changed my garden window to add a touch of spring and Irish feel for the upcoming St. Patty's day. I started with many green items then added some touch of spring colors in tulips and roses. The olive branches intertwine the items of the window and pulls the together. There is some texture with the green moss and olive branches, added to the smooth surfaces of the French Pig and pears. I raised the french pig up to give it the height and attention it deserves.

I love fall decorations so in the fall I added pumpkins, a scarecrow, lots of burnt yellow, red, rusts in floral stems to give the window color and contrast.
I have taken out the shelf that ran through the center of the window. When I did, it opened up the window made it seem larger, brighter and I could add elements with height to create more drama to the window.

During the past Christmas season, I transformed the window into a winter wonderful, (which is a little difficult when you can see green grass and flowers coming in from the outdoors). There is a red cloth with snow sprinkled on it. The snowman is holding a candy cane and a cardinal. Clear jars hold candy canes and round mint candies. There are large snowflake candle holders with candy cane candles, and snowmen votive holders. It definitely had a candy land feel to the wind and in the evening it all sparkled with delight.

Again quick fixes which do not take more than one hour of your time, little or no money (shopping at home) and changes the whole look of the window. Have fun with your window.


  1. Hi Sofia! Your garden window looks terrific! Did you spray paint your pig...he looks really neat with such character! (I may need to jazz up our oink oink kitchen friend!) Love the olive branches and pears much better than all the boring ivy I have everywhere...what would you suggest for the french country theme? Too bad there weren't lemon vines! :-)

  2. It looks great! It must be so wonderful to have that much space to accessorize! :) Love those pears!

  3. I love your home and all of your vignettes.
    Your kitchen is wonderful!

  4. your garden window and all the changes through the's wonderful! Is this the post you want to be your Met Monday post? If so, I can add your permalink for you. Right now your link takes you to your general blog address so folks may miss your Met Monday post. Susan

  5. Hi Sofia, If you want to let this post be your Met Monday post for this week...just visit my blog and click on the Met Monday butterfly button in my sidebar and there are detailed directions of how to link to a specific post. It's really easy. The benefit of linking the exact post is when folks click on the link a week from now, they will be taken straight to the Met Monday post, instead of to your general blog they won't have to scan down and try to find the post. :-) If you have any problems, just let me know. If you are going to put up a new Met Monday post, you may want to just leave your link as it is now for this week. Whatever works best for you.
    :-) I had just noticed it didn't look like a lot of folks found your post so that's why I thought you might want to link directly to it, as opposed to your general blog address. Just click on the butterfly button in my sidebar and the directions there will explain it better than I'm probably doing here. So glad you are participating in Met Monday! Susan

  6. You do a wonderful job of changing this space for the different seasons! It would be stuffed full of little seedlings if I had it!!! Oh to have a little greenhouse!!


  7. Your window vignettes are great. I love little places like your window that can be changed easily but have a big impact.

  8. Wow what a great space to change for the seasons and just for a new look. Great transformation, it looks gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  9. WOW! What a gorgeous kitchen.

    I adore how you change your vignettes with the seasons.

    Lovely MM post! ;)

  10. I wish I had a garden window in my kitchen...that is so beautiful! Linda