Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trials and Tribulations of Selling a Home

Anyone who have ever had to sell a home knows what I am talking about. You spend months putting your home in order cleaning, decluttering, touching up trim paint, manicuring the gardens and yard and finally it is ready to put on the market. It shows like a model home. It is beautiful.
You wonder if you have made a mistake wanting or having to move!

You have an open home. People are interested in your home but alas not interested enough to make an offer.

Then you have to keep it totally clean every day and picked up (at least I do), Just in case the realtor calls and wants to show the home. WOW! It can get exhausting. So 5 weeks on the market so far. One offer and alot of people making very nice comments about the home. I'll keep you posted.
Here is the link to my home video.