Thursday, April 30, 2009

House on Peppertree lane

I friend of mine is trying to decide on the color of her home. She love the tan and white with black shutters so I took a picture of a house she admired when she lived in the area.

It is a darling home with many rhod iron pieces in front. Notice the black urns with green juniper bush.
What do you think. Do you like the tan with white and black trim? It is a classic look for all style homes.
Denise also loves the french style for her home. I found this lovely item at the Decor Store in Livermore, CA . It is nice a chunky possibly for her stairway wall. What you do think? Do you love it.

Denise what are you thoughts. Do you like this fleur de lis? Let me know.

Tablescape Thursday

Thanks to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch it is table scape time again. Today I am having a friend over for lunch and I am serving Root Beer Floats, out of the deck. It is a nice day so I thought we could sit outside and chat. The glasses and bowl I am using for the floats and strawberries were my grandmothers. I always loved these glasses, mainly because my mom always made floats or ice cream shakes in them. I believe they are depression glass.

The Root Beer float is made up of ice cream and root beer soda. How easy is that. I used my everyday dishes which are Mikasa harvest pattern.
This table is a cute little find at Marshall's a couple of years ago. ( about $40) It is a red and yellow toile mosaic tile top.Those floats look so good!

The roses are fresh cut from my garden. The bushes are looking great and so are the roses.
Thanks for stopping by today, I must go now and drink my floats as they are starting to fizzle out. Don't forget to visit Between Naps on the Porch for other fabulous table scape's. Enjoy your Thursday!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday and Outdoor Wednesday

This is my first time posting for Wordless Wednesday. I thought this was a fun idea. Thanks to Dixie at French Lique, Texas for hosting The word is PLATES.

Be sure to visit Dixie at French Lique, Texas for more great plates.

Outdoor Wednesday

I am hooking up today with Susan of A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.
Today I took pictures as I did my 4 mile walk with my son's dog. I love walking for exercise and the walk tires out the 7 month old puppy Maya.

It is a beautiful morning, still a little brisk though. At least the sun is shining today. This is the view from the corner of my street. The fog retreating over the hills, everything is green right now so it is very picturesque.

Many people have palm tress around but these are beautiful. The long stem is called a Date Nut Palm.
This house is across from the house with the palm trees. I also admire this front English garden. There is always shrubs flowering all spring and summer.

I also walk by a Garden Center. They have very lovely shrubs, trees and fountains. This fountain is on the corner of the main road. I always loved the look of the fence with the garden pots anchoring each section. Reminds me of Disneyland. I love the white fence and there are two Adirondack chairs right in front of the fence. They do blend in with the fence though. It must be a pretty spot to sit in with the fence and the arbor, with vines growing on them. I hope you enjoyed coming on my walk with me for Outdoor Wednesday. As always thank you for visiting, come and visit often and don't forget to visit Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for many beautiful outdoor views.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Met Monday (Diana's Apt)

Welcome to Met Monday hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. Today I am blogging about my daughter's new apartment that I have been helping her decorate. She wanted a Nantucket style look for, of course, little cost. She moved out of our house into this apartment a few months ago.

We gave her some furniture and she purchased just a few items on her own. We found a coffee table, matching end table and TV cabinet at a consignment shop for just $500. (You can see the table in on of the pictures. She purchased a new small dining table and 4 chairs at JC Penney for $265.00. My daughter does not like alot of clutter and she does like white and off white items, which you will see pictured, however, she does like the "lived in" look. (as seen by the items on the table)
Do you recall the clock and enlarge for her. Well here it is, in the dining area. I am really not pleased with the look and will update this soon. It works for now!

Every time I went shopping a found an item that would fit her theme. She wanted window treatments, so we reused some window treatments (tab top panels) from her place that she had while studying in New York. I found some fabric, a small check with brown and sea glass blue, at Calico Corners about 2 yards at 50% off for a cost of $18.00. I also found some coordinating brown ribbon. Pictured below. We needed the treatments to be 97" in length.
So I took out the old sewing machine and starting creating a look that my daughter would like and had seen in magazine photos. This is her window before the treatment was completed. We also found on a chair slipcover for my old plaid chair pictured here.

We had to relocate the mirror to the left of the window. This is the window treatment that was created from the old tap top panels and a small amount of fabric and ribbon. Not bad for $20.00 total. Notice the plaid chair now has a neutral slip cover that coordinates with the treatment. It gives the window and room and nice finished look to the vertical blinds that have to stay.
The tabs on the panels had both the dark brown, with the plaid over the top of them to bring the fabrics together.
Notice the starfish and vine balls in a white Pottery Barn bowl. The balls were only $1.99 at Cost Plus and the bowl was on sale at Pottery Barn for $23.00. She had the starfish for quite some time.She love the barn stars and grouped three on one side of the window. I think we have achieved her Nantucket look and of course will need to add a few more details to complete the look.
Remember to always look for items that you can reuse in a different way. We did not want to buy expensive treatments since I know she will be moving again, so we improvised.
Bet you can't wait to see what we add next! I will post this room again as soon as it is totally complete. What do you think we should add?

So glad you could visit today, stay awhile, look around and come and visit often. Don't forget to
visit Between Naps on the Porch for more exciting ideas.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Table Scape Thursday and Friday

I am a little late for Table scape Thursday but I thought I would share with you some foyer designs on a recent trip my husband and I took to Las Vegas. So check out Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for more Table scape Thursday designs and I hope you enjoy the entry pieces I took in Las Vegas last week.

We stayed at the Bellagio hotel, oh what a beautiful hotel. All the hotel on the strip are just gorgeous. I love to go there just to see the architecture of the buildings, we really don't gamble much you see. This table arrangement is in the lobby where the check in desks are. You can see them in the rear of the picture. Also look at the umbrella's hanging upside down as landscape decor.
These are all fresh orchids , Lillie's, pussy willow and curly willow.
I love this centerpiece because it is so simple. Tree branches sprayed green with a bed of grass at the bottom. The flowers are is small clear vases tied on by wire.
This one is also in the lobby on the registration desks. There was on of the beauties placed on the registration desk and spaced out evenly.

Grapevine birdcage of a sort with tulips, ivy,orchids, curly willow in a hugs vase. Just gorgeous.
Thanks for stopping by to see the table scape arrangements for a foyer. Don't forget to stop by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for more beautiful ideas.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

I am joining Susan today at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday. Be sure to visit Susan to see other beautiful Outdoor Wednesday gardens.

Susan mentioned planting annuals for Earth Day. Here are some of my annuals that have turned into perennials. Wow imagine that. First my nectarine tree that have lovely blooms a few weeks ago. We may even have some actual fruit this year for the first time.

Here are some annuals by our front door, welcoming you into our home. Pink Snapdragons, as well as petunias.

Oh look what is blooming in our backyard. The iris's are coming out and are very colorful. I purchased many of these at Napa Valley Iris farm. The blooms are watching over the statue of a little girl. I took these pictures at twilight. These yellow iris's are supposed to bloom twice a year but they seem to bloom most of the summer months into the fall. They are lovely. Iris bulbs multiply quickly and I must confess I do not thin them out as often as I should.
I hope you enjoy a bit of my garden today. Gardening is a lot of work but I sure do enjoy it. Be sure to visit A Southern daydreamer for more lovely gardens.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Met Monday

Wow I haven't been very reliable with my posts lately. I have been busy with family and clients though and that is a good thing. I decided to join the Met Monday group with Susan from Between Naps on the Porch for a simple fix. I have some time this weekend to finally fix my dining room chandelier that has been bothering me since we installed it about five years ago. My husband had installed this chandelier and as you can see from the picture below there is a vaulted ceiling in the dining room so the electrical cord needed to be extra long and we needed to splice the wire to add more wire to have it be the right length. Of course this has been an eye sore to me since then.
As you can see from this picture my husband had to connect the wires with the yellow plastic connection piece. It is very ugly and has been an eye sore to me since that day. I knew I wanted to make a fabric cover for the chain and wire and of course because we all get busy with our lives and work I never did make the fabric cover I also would have had to add Velcro for fasteners because I was not going to convince my husband to take the fixture down to cover the wire. About six months ago I was shopping and found a fabric cover for wires that was made with snaps so you do not have to remove the light fixture to add the cover or use Velcro which can become very bulky. I purchased the cover for $12.00 and then it again sat until this past weekend when I finally took out the ladder and with a little ingenuity, using a telescopic pole (the ladder was not tall enough to go to the ceiling), Ta da...
It is nice not seeing the yellow plastic cap. The color of the fabric is nice and goes with the fixture and you cannot see the snaps once it is scrunched up. I recommend this fabric cover option to everyone that does not looking at the chain and wire.

It looks clean, neat and much more decorative. This is definitely my tip for the day. Inexpensive way to dress up your dining area.

Friday, April 17, 2009

House A Home Giveaway

A friend of mine Denise at Kofford's in Colorado has hooked me up with , "Lucy's Life" who is hosting a fun Lucy's House A Home Giveaway. She asked her readers to list the Top Ten things that make their house a home, and to blog about them. She has some cute prizes for her readers that participate, and I couldn't miss out on the fun! So here, are a few things that come to mind when I think about what aspects of our house make it feel like "home" to me!

I love to garden although I don't know how to do it well.

Coloring Easter eggs with my children no matter how old they get. They still have a good time
Just hanging out coloring eggs with the family
Cooking Christmas Eve dinner with Grandma and the family. My family as you can tell love to be in the kitchen cooking!
I love decorating for Christmas and sitting by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa or coffee. Enjoying the decorations in the living room.
My son's puppy Maya laying under the ottoman. She has become part of the family and home.

I always loved fireplaces and am very glad our home has two. This family room fireplace is cozy in the winter months and also has places for family photos.

This bookshelf holds favorite books that my children used to read and many more family photos.
It is a little messy right now but this is what makes a house a home and lived in.
Cooking old family recipes handed down two generations.
I love filling the house with music if not on the radio then my girls place this piano. It make the house really feel like a home an fills the home with song.

Well this are my 10 house to home treasures. What are yours? Join in the fun and see you again soon.