Monday, April 20, 2009

Met Monday

Wow I haven't been very reliable with my posts lately. I have been busy with family and clients though and that is a good thing. I decided to join the Met Monday group with Susan from Between Naps on the Porch for a simple fix. I have some time this weekend to finally fix my dining room chandelier that has been bothering me since we installed it about five years ago. My husband had installed this chandelier and as you can see from the picture below there is a vaulted ceiling in the dining room so the electrical cord needed to be extra long and we needed to splice the wire to add more wire to have it be the right length. Of course this has been an eye sore to me since then.
As you can see from this picture my husband had to connect the wires with the yellow plastic connection piece. It is very ugly and has been an eye sore to me since that day. I knew I wanted to make a fabric cover for the chain and wire and of course because we all get busy with our lives and work I never did make the fabric cover I also would have had to add Velcro for fasteners because I was not going to convince my husband to take the fixture down to cover the wire. About six months ago I was shopping and found a fabric cover for wires that was made with snaps so you do not have to remove the light fixture to add the cover or use Velcro which can become very bulky. I purchased the cover for $12.00 and then it again sat until this past weekend when I finally took out the ladder and with a little ingenuity, using a telescopic pole (the ladder was not tall enough to go to the ceiling), Ta da...
It is nice not seeing the yellow plastic cap. The color of the fabric is nice and goes with the fixture and you cannot see the snaps once it is scrunched up. I recommend this fabric cover option to everyone that does not looking at the chain and wire.

It looks clean, neat and much more decorative. This is definitely my tip for the day. Inexpensive way to dress up your dining area.


  1. That's a great idea and I'm looking straight up at my exposed chain thinking about what fabric would look nice :0)

  2. Okay Sofia, now don't leave me hangin' like that girl - WHERE did you get it???????
    Looks great. ~~Kim~~

  3. I need to know where you can purchase this little goodie? Thanks for sharing.

  4. Good job. I never knew you could get one with snaps. That's so clever.

  5. Wow -- snaps! That is brilliant. I have seen cord covers with Velcro but as you say, that gets bulky. Fantastic!

    This makes such a difference. Little things really CAN mean a lot!


  6. Wow great deal if you got it for $12.00. As they are usually so expensive. I would like to know where you got it too?
    Looks great!
    Linda Q