Friday, April 17, 2009

House A Home Giveaway

A friend of mine Denise at Kofford's in Colorado has hooked me up with , "Lucy's Life" who is hosting a fun Lucy's House A Home Giveaway. She asked her readers to list the Top Ten things that make their house a home, and to blog about them. She has some cute prizes for her readers that participate, and I couldn't miss out on the fun! So here, are a few things that come to mind when I think about what aspects of our house make it feel like "home" to me!

I love to garden although I don't know how to do it well.

Coloring Easter eggs with my children no matter how old they get. They still have a good time
Just hanging out coloring eggs with the family
Cooking Christmas Eve dinner with Grandma and the family. My family as you can tell love to be in the kitchen cooking!
I love decorating for Christmas and sitting by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa or coffee. Enjoying the decorations in the living room.
My son's puppy Maya laying under the ottoman. She has become part of the family and home.

I always loved fireplaces and am very glad our home has two. This family room fireplace is cozy in the winter months and also has places for family photos.

This bookshelf holds favorite books that my children used to read and many more family photos.
It is a little messy right now but this is what makes a house a home and lived in.
Cooking old family recipes handed down two generations.
I love filling the house with music if not on the radio then my girls place this piano. It make the house really feel like a home an fills the home with song.

Well this are my 10 house to home treasures. What are yours? Join in the fun and see you again soon.




  1. Wow! Thanks for much for joining in the fun. It was lovely to read your list. Those are all very special things. Good luck in the giveaway!

  2. Great list Sofia! It was so fun for me to see the kids again, and look how cute your mother is!!! You have a beautiful home, and a beautiful family!

    I got my package yesterday of fabrics and sketches...much to talk about! I will call you! Thanks so much for doing that for me!!!

  3. P.S. Don't believe Sofia on the gardening...her backyard is a masterpiece and she has tons of fantastic living things there like fruit trees, and flowers, and so much beauty my prairie home could never accomplish! :-)

  4. Terrific list. I love your family photos.