Sunday, April 26, 2009

Met Monday (Diana's Apt)

Welcome to Met Monday hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. Today I am blogging about my daughter's new apartment that I have been helping her decorate. She wanted a Nantucket style look for, of course, little cost. She moved out of our house into this apartment a few months ago.

We gave her some furniture and she purchased just a few items on her own. We found a coffee table, matching end table and TV cabinet at a consignment shop for just $500. (You can see the table in on of the pictures. She purchased a new small dining table and 4 chairs at JC Penney for $265.00. My daughter does not like alot of clutter and she does like white and off white items, which you will see pictured, however, she does like the "lived in" look. (as seen by the items on the table)
Do you recall the clock and enlarge for her. Well here it is, in the dining area. I am really not pleased with the look and will update this soon. It works for now!

Every time I went shopping a found an item that would fit her theme. She wanted window treatments, so we reused some window treatments (tab top panels) from her place that she had while studying in New York. I found some fabric, a small check with brown and sea glass blue, at Calico Corners about 2 yards at 50% off for a cost of $18.00. I also found some coordinating brown ribbon. Pictured below. We needed the treatments to be 97" in length.
So I took out the old sewing machine and starting creating a look that my daughter would like and had seen in magazine photos. This is her window before the treatment was completed. We also found on a chair slipcover for my old plaid chair pictured here.

We had to relocate the mirror to the left of the window. This is the window treatment that was created from the old tap top panels and a small amount of fabric and ribbon. Not bad for $20.00 total. Notice the plaid chair now has a neutral slip cover that coordinates with the treatment. It gives the window and room and nice finished look to the vertical blinds that have to stay.
The tabs on the panels had both the dark brown, with the plaid over the top of them to bring the fabrics together.
Notice the starfish and vine balls in a white Pottery Barn bowl. The balls were only $1.99 at Cost Plus and the bowl was on sale at Pottery Barn for $23.00. She had the starfish for quite some time.She love the barn stars and grouped three on one side of the window. I think we have achieved her Nantucket look and of course will need to add a few more details to complete the look.
Remember to always look for items that you can reuse in a different way. We did not want to buy expensive treatments since I know she will be moving again, so we improvised.
Bet you can't wait to see what we add next! I will post this room again as soon as it is totally complete. What do you think we should add?

So glad you could visit today, stay awhile, look around and come and visit often. Don't forget to
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  1. Great job on the drapes. They are gorgeous. I also love the slipcover on the chair. Her apartment is coming together beautifully. I know she's proud of all the hard work and is enjoying it. Can't wait to see it finished. Hugs, Marty

  2. Wow, the panels look incredible!!! Love how they turned out with that cute check, the tabs and neat solid to distinguish it all! Great look...and the starfish, stars, and cute clock all turned out terrific! Great job!!! :-)

    P.S. I posted my decorator photos and questions for you..let me know when you read it so I can delete it...I am afraid it is way too boring and must come down...but not until you read it of course! hee hee

  3. Great job Sofia - your daughter is one lucky girl to have such a talented Mama!!!!

  4. Wow, those are great finds and use in that space! And you are so talented to help her put it all together like that! ;-)

    Happy Monday!

  5. it is coming together nicely...

  6. so stinking cute i can't stand it!!!!! i love the idea! and, drop me a line...i wanna ask you a question about project create a home. djehaus and i'm at gmail{dot}com

  7. I wish I had your bravery! I have been sewing for forever and I just cant bring myself to cut things up to make something else. It sure makes sense though. I love it!

  8. You did a great job modifying the curtains. They came out great!! I really like the grouping of the three stars, and the slipcovered chair looks good.

    I think a darker colour on the walls would give the room a bit more warmth. Maybe a lighter version of the main curtain colour.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do next :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  9. Lovely re-do on the curtains...they look great!

    I helped my daughter Alida set up her first apartment last August, in California. LONG distance, from NJ. So we were starting from scratch, and only had 4 days to do it! But it was great fun, and I sometimes wonder what it looks like now... oddly enough she isn't sending pictures.... hmmm...