Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Window treatment in silk fabric

Here are window treatments I created in a master bedroom suite. We were trying to re create an Italian theme window element. The rod is a wood rope called Italian Gold with great finials. The top of the treatment was turned down and an embellishment of tassel fringe was added to tie in the hold backs at the center of the treatment. These are made out of silk fabric with lining and interlining.

These are aboslutely gorgeous. Whether having custom made window treatments or window treatments created on a budget using interlining with silk style fabrics will give the treatment more body. Also embellishments always gives an extra punch to give it that decorator look.

Tip: Always try to embellish in some way the window treatment even ready made type.
Expressively yours,


  1. I really like the neat rod and how it is just over a portion of the window. The fringe is great too! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. Thanks for posting the cute picture of the two of us on your profile...but we need one of just look beautiful by the way in that picture! :-)