Saturday, February 21, 2009

Home for the Holidays 2008

This was so exciting. My home that was Decked out for Christmas was chosen by the Valley Times to be featured in the Home for the Holidays section of the Newspaper. I was surprised and thrilled. I love decorating for the holidays and have added holiday decorating to my services menu of my business. The newspaper took pictures and asked questions about the decorations that was featured in an article on Dec. 20 2008. One of the questions was about all the coordinating ribbon and if that was a costly item. I stated with a laugh not when you purchase the ribbon from Costo at $7.99 for 50 yards.

My tip for today: look for great decorations after Christmas at the 50% off bargain price and great ribbon from Costo before Christmas.
Expressly, Sofia

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  1. Your home looked beautiful at Christmas Sofia! I'm so glad I could see how it looked for the newspaper article, and for your entire family to enjoy! Now, I will need you to come out to Colorado to decorate for the holidays too! :-)