Sunday, March 8, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday!

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Hi Everyone! My oldest daughter has moved into her own apartment and we have been working on decorating the place for a month or so. We are getting close to being complete but not quite there yet. She loved a clock she saw in a catalog. it was 29" in diameter, very large but would fit her wall space well. She did not want to pay the price, so we are trying to improvise.
Here is the clock we purchased at Ross stores for $19.99 So I added a round piece of wood 29" diameter then added the following materials. I covered the wood with the piece of burlap $3.00 at Joann's Fabrics. Then I took the roping ($4.00 at the hardware store) and painted ($3.50 also at the hardware store)that the robin's egg blue color. I then glued the roping to the wood around the edges. I did not like the blue. It was too bright, so I started using a mocha glaze that I had to tried to subdue the blue. I must have rubbed on at least three to four coats. I am not sure I am totally happy with the results yet. What do you think? I feel It needs a little more copper in the roping, or just more bulk to the trim. The ultimate test will be mounting in its spot. I will send more pictures when that happens. It will be going to the left of the print seen in the picture below.

So for $25-$27.00 I achieved the look she would have had from the more expensive clock ($80.00) . Always look for low cost options when possible to achieve to the look your after. Then you can splurge on the bigger ticket items! Have a fabulous decorating day!
Expressively, Sofia


  1. Beautiful re-do!
    kari & kijsa

  2. What fun Sofia! I bet Laura will love her new clock and the price! Thanks for sharing this fun project! :-)

  3. Great choice for today! Happy Monday!

  4. Way to redo a clock, good job.
    Linda Q

  5. I agree with you in beefing up the outside edge a bit. Your daughter is lucky to have a Mom like you to help her decorate.

  6. Hi Sofia!
    I just started my blog in February too. Why don't you stop by and pay me a visit??? I love hearing from other new bloggers.
    Love the clock - too cute!