Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Traditional vs Contemporary

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I am doing the first of a three part series on decorating styles at the request of one of my clients and friend.

Traditional Style vs Contemporary Style

This is definitely the shorten version of what makes up the two design styles

contemporary home allows you to be comfortable without being cluttered. This style usually starts with neutral colors such as white, black or beige as a base for window treatments, wall coverings, floor covering and upholstered furniture. Punches of color are usually added in accessories to add some drama and flair. (such as a red or orange pillow in textured geometric shapes).

Essentials for contemporary furniture are clean lines, geometric shapes and lack fussy extras. They usually have exposed legs. Bed and chairs have no skirt, trim or tassels.These pieces can be leather in blacks, whites or textured natural fibers. Tables are usually glass and metal as well.

Fabrics often have a natural look found in wool, cotton, linen and silks. Lighting is sleek and streamlined in a metal tones with white or clear glass. Notice very large bold artwork yet sleek and stark furniture with a splash of yellow in the pillows.
( NYC Townhouse)The stuffiness associated with traditional style is no longer, and has been replaced with warm, inviting furniture, fabrics and accessories.
  • The traditional style of decorating is to create rich sumptuous living space using layers of luxurious furniture accessories, and window treatments. The color palettes that are used can be pastels or bold, regal jewel tones such as burgundy and golds. fabrics are usually heavier quality, textured structured draperies with multi layers.
  • Unlike contemporary style traditional uses more wallpaper and the walls are usually highlighted to architectural details such as crown mouldings. (as seen above)
  • Traditional furniture has more of the soft curved lines such as Queen Anne style and are in warm wood tones. Metallic tones in in artwork and framing are key to the traditional look. Artwork on the walls are placed in a more compact manor. Accessories include floral arrangements, baroque style frame work with landscape subject matter, ornate pottery and multiple layers of accessories on tables.
Both styles are beautiful and have their own unique flair. So what is your style? Contemporary, traditional or somewhere in between.
I hope you have enjoyed this segment of design styles. Please let me know what other styles you would like to see.

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  1. Hmmm...well I know which one I am, and happily claim to be a traditionalist with a punch of french country and southern thrown in for good measure! :-)