Sunday, March 8, 2009

Laura's Bedroom

My daughter Laura came home from college and asked me to make her room over from the High School teenage years to the more sophisticated college years. She asked for her room to be black and tan/gold. " Not to many flowers Mom" she added. So I set out to try and make her dreamy bedroom come true. I know the above picture does not give you much idea of what the room was like but the room was ocean blue with tropical prints all over the walls. She had a twin bed with a blue and white Pottery Barn tropical toile print. There was a netting over the twin bed that covered the bed. She had a oak dresser in her room and lots of clutter.
Above is her room all done. The comforter set came from JC Penney American Living collection. I also bought the matching valance. (picture to come). I found the two white dresser's at a model home clearing sale for $75.00 for the two. (Wow what a deal). I painted the white bookcase black. Found the three extra pillows at a consignment shop for $45 for the three. We had the Paris from her dorm room her sophomore year. She also went to London and Paris so she brought home a few prints. The friends picture frame was a gift.

She stills loves the tropical look so some of the prints are tropical but in sepia tones. All the prints in the room are either sepia tones or black and white. The walls are painted in Benjamin Moore Aura C: Turmeric.

Tip: When redesigning a daughter or son's room keep in mind whatever the age you will be redesigning the room at least three different ways from the time they are one yr old until they are 21st birthday. I have redesigned Laura's room four different ways since her 3rd birthday. Paint is an easy way to change any room, window treatments and comforter in the age appropriate style and print will help to complete the look. Use ready made treatments since you will be redesigning many times, this is more cost effective. Have fun and remember to try to please your child, they are only young for a short while, it is only temporary and in the blink of an eye they will be full grown and on their own!

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  1. Hi Sofia,
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    You are very talented yourself! I need to go snoop around your blog a little more now :)
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  2. Hi Sofia,

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